Program Overview

Mobile Application is a certificate course where the candidates get knowledge about how to create the software applications that run on the mobiles. These application softwares are developed specifically for the small electronic wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets, ipads rather than the laptops and computers.

There are two dominant platforms in the modern smartphone market, one is the iOS platform from Apple Inc. The iOS platform is the operating system that powers Apple's popular line of iPhone smartphones. The Android operating system is used not only by Google Devices but also by many other OEMs to build their own smartphones and other smart devices.


  • 2.5+ hours of high quality e-learning
  • 13 end of lesson quizzes
  • 15 Case Studies and Live Projects
  • Video Library with 38 Tools
  • Personalised Resume Feedback
  • Mock Interviews by Hiring Managers
  • Fortnightly Coaching by Industry Mentors
  • Get noticed by the top hiring companies
  • Higher live interaction
  • 200+ hours of live online classes by industry experts
  • Masterclasses from top faculty

Skills Covered

  • Digital Marketing
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing
  • IoT Marketing
  • Business capability
  • Modern language programming skill
  • Backend computing
  • Cross platform app development
  • Mobile user interface design

Tools Covered

Newcomers Outline

Mobile Application Development courses are the professional courses across the worldwide industries. The beginners add the diversity and the richness to the class discussion and the interaction.

  • The class consists of the learners from excellent organizations and diverse industries:-



Job Opportunities with Certification Courses

There are many job opportunities across the world that give a handsome salary package to those who have the additional certificate course of the mobile application development with their regular degrees of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) long term courses. These additional courses help to open the many options in the modern technology world and as well as it also helps to enhance your knowledge and skills.

You can choose any regular engineering course and you get this professional course free of cost and can become an expert in this modern technology and get a handsome salary package with an excellent campus placement.

Industry Trends

Mobile application development market has been increasing successfully continuously in recent years. According to a report, India will have nearly 400 million smartphone users by the end of 2016. The number of 3G subscribers has also increased in the country recently. These numbers signal tremendous growth of the mobile app market in the future.

The app development market saw a surge of 22.6% last year. According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India, there are around 9,000 app development companies in the country. Moreover, Indian app development market is the 3rd fastest growing app market in the world.

  • Annual Salary

    Hiring Companies

Admission Details

Application Process

Candidates can apply to this mobile application development course in 3 steps. Selected candidates receive an admission offer which is accepted by admission fee payment.

Step 1

You have to fill the application form with the bachelor, master or other courses.

Step 2

Pay the fees of the application form and also review the application form.

Step 3

After the successful submission of the application form, the classes will start after the other notices and e-mails.

Eligible Candidates

The candidates, who are looking forward to pursuing a career in this field must make sure that they are eligible enough. Furthermore, one can find the eligibility criteria below:-

At least 5 years of experience

A bachelor's degree in any discipline

Programming or non-programming background

Course Expert

We have a team of dedicated admissions counselors available to guide you as you apply for the mobile application development course. They are available to:-

  • Address questions related to your application
  • Provide guidance regarding financial aid (if required)
  • Help answer questions and better understand the program
Talk to our admissions counselors now!

Mobile Application Development Course Contains

  • Introduction of android
  • Android Architecture Overview and Creating an Example Android Application
  • Android Software Development Platform
  • Android Framework Overview
  • Understanding Android Views, View Groups and Layouts
  • Graphical User Interface Screen with views
  • Displaying Pictures
  • Files, Content Providers, and Databases
  • Intents and Intent Filters
  • A Basic Overview of Android Threads and Thread handlers
  • Messaging and Location-Based Services
  • Multimedia: Audio, Video, Camera
  • Windows Phone App Development Fundamentals
  • Fundamental Concepts in Windows Phone Development

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