The institute recognize alumni who have distinguished themselves through their work and done the institute proud. The Distinguished Alumnus Awards have been instituted for this purpose. In addition to this, Puran Murti Campus has instituted the Distinguished Service awards for alumni who have rendered special services to the cause of the betterment of the institute. The institute also involves the alumni in its educational and research activities, whenever possible, by inviting them to participate on its advisory boards as visiting faculty or as guest speakers. Our alumni has responded whole -heartily by supporting the institute with the most generous endowments, leading to the establishment of schools, laboratories, scholarships, chairs and various infrastructure developments. Alumni interact with the institute through the Alumni and Corporate Relations office.

To reminisce with old friends, to avail an opportunity, to share some old memories and play the favorite jingle again our institution occasionally plan student’s get together. This is an initiative taken by us to stay in touch with our alumni and to ensure that our alumni feel connected irrespective of the physical boundaries. These meets have been providing a platform for all alumni to know the progress Puran Murti Campus has made in the years from when they left the college. The meets are not only an occasion for the alumni to get nostalgic and revive their college memories but also they help us to maintain the strong connect with our alumni and gain from their knowledge and expertise of the industry.

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