Mission 1000 Tree Plantation

27 June 2024 Admin

The "Mission 1000 Tree Plantation" event kicked off at the Puran Murti Campus with much enthusiasm and community involvement. This eco-friendly initiative aims to plant 1000 trees in and around the campus, contributing significantly to the environment and promoting sustainability.

The event began with an inaugural ceremony attended by students, faculty, and local environmental activists. The keynote speech highlighted the importance of afforestation in combating climate change, reducing carbon footprints, and enhancing biodiversity. Participants were encouraged to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives and contribute to the greener planet initiative.

Volunteers, including students and staff, eagerly took part in planting various species of trees. The organizers provided essential tools and guidance, ensuring the saplings were planted correctly for optimal growth. Educational sessions on tree care and the benefits of maintaining green spaces were conducted alongside the plantation activities, fostering a deeper understanding of environmental stewardship among the attendees.

Local media covered the event, emphasizing its significance in promoting ecological awareness. The "Mission 1000 Tree Plantation" at Puran Murti Campus is a commendable effort, showcasing how collective action can make a substantial impact on the environment. This initiative not only beautifies the campus but also sets a precedent for future environmental projects in the region.

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